August 13th, 2007

Dear Family and Friends in Christ,

It was wonderful to see everyone on my trip to the US. I thank God that I arrived safely in Cristalândia late this afternoon. My flights were good, but a bit late from São Paulo to Goiânia, where I arrived Thursday afternoon. Then I drove on Friday over 360 miles to Gurupí where I participated in our Regional Human Rights Assembly, which ended yesterday (Sunday) afternoon. We had a meeting of the Coordinators of our Cristalândia Human Rights Center today in Gurupí, so I stayed there overnight and then, this afternoon, drove the around 110 miles to Cristalândia. There are lots of things waiting for me to do here! Tomorrow I have to go to our "Lord of a Happy Death" pilgrimage, and won't be back until sometime Thursday! Thanks for everything, and God bless everyone. I continue to pray for you!

Love and Prayers, +Herbert, O.S.B