Virtual Visit to the Prelacy of Christalandia
Click on the blue dots representing parishes on the map below for pictures or information

 |Abreulândia - TO| |Araguacema - TO| |Araguaçu - TO| |Caseara - TO| |Cristalândia - TO| |Dois Irmãos - TO|
|Dueré - TO| |Formoso do Araguaia - TO| |Goianorte - TO| |Lagoa da Confusão - TO| |Mutunópolis - GO|
|Nova Rosalândia - TO| |Novo Planalto - GO| |Paraíso do Tocantins - TO| |Porangatu - GO| |Pium - TO| |Pugmil - TO|
|São Miguel do Araguaia - GO| |Sandolândia - TO| |Tribos Javaés/Karajás|

Our Prelacy is situated in the north and west central regions of Brazil.
Covering the State of Tocantins and part of the north of the State of Goias.